APS Scheme

Welcome to the dedicated APS Members page

To provide you with the Pi cover you need, we need to know about you and your business. We need to ask questions. This tells us about your experience, the work you do, your clients and your risk profile.

Based on this information, we then approach underwriters for a quote on the most appropriate cover for your needs. We can then talk through the details with you, amend cover if required and, when you’re happy with the terms, arrange for cover to start. This can all usually be done within 24 hours, less if the matter is urgent.

Very Quick Idea of Terms

If you just want a very quick idea of terms and not a full quote yet – you are 5 questions away.

Principal Designers

At Legalrisks we can usually get a good idea of terms for you by just getting some basic information about you and your business by using our quick enquiry form. We obtain terms on the basis of a very short scheme questionnaire from which we will provide premiums, if you are happy with that we can complete the placement for you.

Please read FCA quote information – we are obliged under our FCA rules to provide this information to you.

Architects, Construction Consultants, Engineers, Project Managers, Surveyors and other APS Members

Many occupations require more technical placements and so we require more information than when providing a quick indication. We also have specialist underwriting facilities and these have specialist questionnaires.

We have compiled main occupation sectors.

To download the appropriate questionnaire, select your occupation type from the list below, then click on the Word or PDF icon to open the questionnaire.

If you don’t see your occupation, please call us on 01304 898 428 and we will send the appropriate form to you.

When you have completed the form you can email this to us as the word document or a pdf.

Please read FCA quote information – we are obliged under our FCA rules to provide this information to you.


FCA quote information – this is our Quote information pack which gives you details of

  • Keyfacts about Us
  • Demands and Needs Statement
  • What to Disclose in your Questionnaire
  • What Pi covers